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Beautiful Windows for Every Home

At Bold City Glass, we take care of all your window needs. We install new windows into homes and complete maintenance on existing units. As experienced glass contractors, we make sure your windows are installed properly to last a lifetime. The replacement windows we offer are energy efficient, and easy to clean. So, not only will your home look stunning, but it will also be durable and age well.

Along with new window installation, we offer a variety of window services for whatever you may need. We often replace glass that has fogged, cracked, or failed. In addition, we repair damaged windows with operational issues such as broken hand cranks, balance spring parts, and top locks. Whatever you need, Bold City Glass will help your windows to look brand new and to work properly in no time.

Fogged Window & Glass Replacement

Do you have unsightly fogged windows? Over time windows and glass in doors may become fogged between the panes. Bold City Glass is here for you. We offer quality glass replacement services at affordable prices. We will replace your glass and fix any operational problems. If you want to replace your fogged windows, Bold City Glass is the one to call.

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